Acorn Pasta and Bicis

I bought an Acorn squash over two weeks ago, just because it was in the store and I find those things adorable.  Then, it sat in the kitchen because every time I thought about preparing it, something else became more appetizing (i.e. quicker). Don’t they have to roast for a while? Then what do I do with it?

Tonight, while cleaning, avoiding the rain outside, and brainstorming, I impulsively turned the oven to 400*.  I sliced it in half (work those arm muscles!), scooped out the seeds, drizzled a little Canola oil and black pepper and decided to see what happened. Into the oven for, hm, 25 minutes? And, GO.

25 minutes later – I had an extremely hot, roasted Squash and…no more ideas. The outside was a little burnt and unappealing, so I took cut it in wedges and peeled it off. Now, I had chunks/wedges of squash in a bowl. I took a bite; it faintly reminded me of Spaghetti squash and the wheels turned…

Acorn Squash & Broccoli Pasta
(for 2)

1 Acorn squash – roasted and peeled
Garlic Powder, Salt, Oregano
~1 1/2 c frozen broccoli, thawed and heated
1/2 c Marinara Pasta Sauce
Grated Parmesan Cheese

In a large bowl, take the roasted and peeled squash chunks and mash ( I actually used a Whisk and fork to do this – if you have a potato masher, I’m sure that’s just as effective!). Add salt, garlic powder and oregano to taste. Split into two bowls, top with broccoli, marinara and grated Parmesan…and enjoy!

The bottom of that bowl is Full of squash – this was extremely filling and tasty! Next time I’d add more veggies – maybe mushrooms, sauteed onions, grilled zucchini? Anything that works in pasta would work with this.

Protein: acorn squash, broccoli, sauce and parmesan cheese (provide 2g per serving each)
Fat: parmesan cheese
Carbs: Squash and Marinara sauce
Vitamins A & C: acorn squash (1 cup of squash cubes provides 457% DV for vitamin A! Hello, loaded veggie!), and broccoli


Bike Shopping Update!

Beware – shopping for a bike is not an easy process! There are a LOT of things that factor into this decision; and if you are really ready to invest in a bike, it takes a lot of test riding to figure out which one is right for you. Luckily, D is a biking Guru and helped me every step of the way! On that note, we call them (bikes) “Bicis” – pronouced Bee-Cees – short for Bicicleta, the Spanish version. 😉 It’s a term of endearment.

We spent both Saturday and Sunday afternoon going from shop to shop in the area and testing sizes, brands, different gear shifters, pedals, seats, etc. whew. One of these two (below)  just fit – I got off an had a grin ear-to-ear, I wanted it right Now! But, I was patient – and the search continued. If you think finding a good running shoe is hard, you just wait!

After all of this, I finally narrowed it down. I had to pick between these two bikes…

Cannondale Synapse

image source

Specialized Dolce Elite

image source

I’ve made my choice! Trust me when I say, you will fall in love with the “right” one within five seconds of your first ride. I’m pretty sure I’ll bring my bike home tomorrow and sleep with it.


And I can NOT wait.

I’ll keep you posted and introduce you to my beautiful new Bici tomorrow!


Do you have a bike?? Compared to running shoes, how much time did you spend searching?? I hope I’m not alone in my time-consuming (but worthy!) venture. 🙂



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10 responses to “Acorn Pasta and Bicis

  1. Elizabeth

    Aww…bicis, que mono. Me gusta.

    Also, more power to you for working with the acorn squash. I’m with you – I usually buy it because it looks cute, then let it sit forever.

  2. OOoooh, both are very sexy bikes! Yeah, I tried lots of different bikes, but came back to the one I just couldn’t keep my mind off of and felt right. You’re gonna love your new ride!

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  4. Acorn squash is probably my favorite of all the squashes. How funny! I just cooked mine last week but I think mine was sitting on the counter for over 3 weeks before deciding to cook it. I cook mine two ways. The first is in the microwave. Pierce it with a fork to break the skin all over and then nuke it for about 6 minutes on high.

    The second way to cook it is to cut it in half and then set it in a pan, flesh side down, with water in the bottom of the pan. Bake it for about 30-45 minutes at 375*.

    Using either cooking method, I then set it on the plate (skin intact) and slather butter and brown sugar inside, both of which bring out the nutty acorn flavor.


  5. i do have a bike (which I’m mildly obessed with) and I spent A LOT of time researching — but when you find the right one, it’s totally worth it – i’m so happy you did!

  6. Oooh, both are pretty! 🙂

    Have to admit, I took 15 minutes selecting my bike. I just wanted something for short, fun, casual rides and it fit the bill.

    Hope you enjoy the new ride!

  7. Lacey

    mmmmm squash. i haven’t had any in soooo long!!! i miss it! i don’t think i’ve seen a spaghsquash in the store in months and months. so sad. i like acorn but they are so small!!! 🙂 combining it w/ pasta sounds genius to me.

    YAY BIKE!!!!!!!!!!! i got my current bike senior year of high school. it made it through all 4 years of college and a post-college accident and it is still what i ride today 🙂 hooray!!!! love my bike!!! it’s a Giant boulder– maybe a guys’ bike technically? it’s blue and had bigger than “road” tires, but it’s not really a mtn bike. i don’t like road tires b/c they seem too skinny to me and i feel more comfortable with my thicker tires 🙂 tho i don’t off-road that much 🙂

  8. Lacey

    oh as far as buying my bike– my dad and i went to a local bike shop that is owned by a family friend. i like buying bikes in person 🙂

  9. Brian Taylor

    Bici shopping takes time, but it is soooo much fun. Well worth it finding that special one…get a good helmet that you will actually wear, and happy riding.

  10. oooh, they are beautiful!! I don’t own a bike (yet), I think I still fall down too much. 🙂

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