Not Your Typical Lunchbox Creations

In college, and throughout most of my internship last year, I had a turkey sandwich for lunch almost Every. Single. Day. Boring? YES.

For no specific reason, last summer, I suddenly decided to stop buying Deli Meat. It does make for a lean lunch protein, but it’s also usually very high in sodium, and quite honestly? You can only have so much turkey in one lifetime; I’ve had more than my share.

Since then, I’ve gradually become creative with lunch options. You’ll see more and more of them on here, but for now, we’ll start with this week’s two shining-stars. I experimented with what was left in the fridge, and was Not disappointed!

Pears ‘n Pecans Sandwich

Sitting at Barnes & Noble with a large stack of Foodie magazines to browse, I came across a “Pear & Walnut Sandwich”. It did inspire me to grab a pear at Whole Foods, but I love me some Pecans! Plus, I already had pecans. Work with what you’ve got!

2 slices Whole-Wheat Bread
1/2 Medium Green Pear
~5 Pecan halves
2 tbsp Lite Cream Cheese (Lcc)

I microwaved the pear slices for ~15 seconds. Then smeared the cream cheese and pecans on one slice of bread, pears on the other. I loved the sweet taste and soft, warm texture of the fruit combined with the crunch of pecans and savory cream. With a side of fresh, sliced strawberries, this girl was satisfied!

Protein: Lcc, pecans, bread
Fat: pecans, Lcc
Carbs: pears, bread
Vitamin C: pears, strawberries


Next up? A modified version of the Pita Pizzas we made the other night. One pita left, it does not lend itself to another dinner-for-two. Plus, I found out the hard way that while these pitas taste great, they don’t hold together too well.

So, pita-pizza wedge, you win.

Pita Pizza Wedges

1 whole wheat Pita (cut into fourths)
1/2 c TJ’s pasta sauce
1/2 c Part-skim Mozzarella cheese, shredded
Grated Parmesan (hiding)
Side: 1/2 Pear, sliced (leftover from the sandwich)

To carry: I put the pasta sauce and a sprinkle of grated Parmesan in a Tupperware container, cheese & pita wedges in a bag ( I recycle all my bags, and use them multiple times before discarding).

To make: Luckily, we have a toaster oven at our office. To avoid making a mess, I opened the pita and put the sauce inside (hence the missing “red” in the photo, look closely and it’s peeking out), and the cheese on top. I “baked” it at ~250* for ~5 minutes (a Toaster Oven Pro I am not, I’m usually guessing with temps/time and standing right next to it so my food doesn’t burn).

These were easy to pack and make, and definitely filled me up. Pitas have entered a whole new world in my mind, no longer just useful for wraps and hummus dipping!

Protein: PS Italian cheese
Carbs: pita, pear slices
: PS Italian cheese
Vitamin A & Iron: pasta sauce
Vitamin C
: pear slices


What are your pantry-item-clearing lunches?



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9 responses to “Not Your Typical Lunchbox Creations

  1. J

    I eat Pb and J pretty much every single day. I bring the same thing every day and it does get boring but it works and its only lunch! I usually switch up my breakfast and dinners so that helps!

  2. That sandwich sounds amazing!! I love pears & apples in sandwiches 🙂

  3. Lacey

    i am patting myself on the back for being creative with dinners 🙂 bfast and lunch for me just need to be the same same every day for sanity + ease purposes. i do hummus-spinach- (variation of a veggie burger) sandwich + apple for lunch!! sometimes i’ll have a bar or something with it. i applaud you for your midday creativity!!!!!!!!!!! it’s so easy to stick with one thing 🙂

    and i LOVE love love your new site 🙂 great job !!!!! enjoyinig also the nutritional profiles with your food pics. spiffy!! xoxo

  4. I love pears and pecans! i love spinach salad with pears and pecans and gorgonzola cheese. mmmm.

  5. Bean salads! Any kind of beans (my fave are chickpeas), chopped up veggies (whatever is in the fridge), and oil & vinegar dressing with whatever spices are handy (or bottled). Yummers.

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  7. Heather, these creations look mouth watering yummy! When I come down for a visit? lol

  8. May I suggest a twist on the yummy-looking pear sandwich? I do pear or apple slices, some type of yummy cheese (brie and cheddar work well), and sliced figs, PLUS a little fig jam. Mmmmm!

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