Ellie, 5 and 10

Someone had a giftcard for Barnes & Noble.com and told me “Here, buy something you want!” – I’m obviously not going to argue with that.

As of late, I’ve been a foodie-machine. I LOVE browsing cookbooks, I like scoping out Vegetarian recipes for new ideas, and I’ve been flipping through Cooking Light like it’s my job.  After a good half an hour searching “healthy cook books”, “health”, “cooking light”, etc…I finally settled on this choice:


It arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to start using it! My hesitation with this book was that, being an RD, I would already know most of the information she discussed and the “healthified” recipes wouldn’t be so new to me. However, it had great reviews and I took a chance…

I read through some Breakfast and Dessert items last night (hm, wonder where my priorities are….) and so far? SO GOOD. I love Ellie and have used her recipes before; this will definitely be my new Kitchen BFF.


In RUNNING news – yes, I’m still going! Last night I joined my group for the first time in, um, way too long.  We did my favorite route: up Capitol Hill, along the Mall, and around the Lincoln Memorial. It ends at around 5 miles; perfectly flat with the initial hill-challenge.

Between Marathon-training and early winter sunsets, I had been running mostly on my own and taking advantage of the sun while I could (i.e. running at 5 pm after work, isntead of waiting for 6:30 to run with the group). I honestly forgot how great it is to have someone to chat with while you run. I get TIRED; it is Not easy for me to talk-n-run. But, it’s a good workout! While an 8:30 pace is usually on the “easy” side, it’s a little bit more difficult when I’m chirping someone’s ear off.  Yet the run goes by quickly and I enjoy myself that much more.

Anyway. I snapped this picture, from my phone, while walking back to the Metro. It’s not perfect (I tried to avoid getting tourist-heads and the Earth Day event tents), but DC – this is gorgeous…


Coming up this weekend? Another 10-mile race! This time, we’re doing the GW Parkway Classic. It’s a point-to-point race along GW Parkway in Alexandria, VA. I really love the 10-mile race distance; long, but not too long, and enough time to really find your Tempo-run pace and push it a little bit. I’m hoping for a PR; we’re currently looking at 60* and Rain for Sunday morning. Hm, should be…fun! 🙂

Do you have a favorite race distance? I like ’em longer, 5Ks always feel like death to me!



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5 responses to “Ellie, 5 and 10

  1. i know — rain and cold on Sunday. UGH. i’m doing a half in NYC on sunday, and this doesn’t look pretty. I haven’t really set a PR due to the weather… i have no idea what to expect when running in the rain.

  2. Have fun with the new cookbook – sounds GREAT! Mmm, dessert.

    Good luck on the 10-miler! I love that distance, though I’ve only raced it once. I think half-mary would be my fave though. Similar reasons… just long enough without being BRUTALLY long. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I’ve actually realized I need to run more on my own with the upcoming marathon training so I’ll be missing the runners (pretty much all of my friends). Instead, I’ll just have to go to more of the social events. But I’m looking forward to running more on my own and pushing myself mentally. Love that photo!

  4. I love that your easy pace is my bustin’ my booty tempo pace. :p

    good luck on the 10 miler. I hope to do a 10 miler this fall, and I honestly think it’ll be my fave race distance. 😀

  5. I like em longer too!! 🙂

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